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Bauer Donald(509-445-1387)
Oglivie Fred(509-229-3535)
Oglivie Glenda(509-229-3535)
Community Club(509-229-3555)
Inland Cellular(509-229-3130)
Inland Internet(509-229-4600)
Inland Paging(509-229-3314)
Dahmen Pat(509-229-3269)
Warner Dan(509-229-3909)
Warner Gail(509-229-3909)
Holland Jennifer(509-229-3431)
Splendid Old Stuff(509-229-3435)
Country Mini Storage(509-229-3396)
Time of Day(509-229-8463)
Hughes Bruce(509-229-3215)
Olin P(509-229-3911)
Moneymaker Dave(509-229-3865)
Budd William(509-229-3711)
E & R Trapshooter's Supplies(509-229-3906)
Robins Elva(509-229-3906)
Robins Randall SR(509-229-3906)
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